Commission Details and Pricing

Panel Options


A sturdy, durable, reliable but thinner frame. These boards are best if you plan to frame your painting.

Available Sizes: 8x10, 11x14,16x20, 18x24



A sturdy, durable, reliable cradled panel with thick sides and ready to hang. These panels are supported by durable basswood and have an aesthetically-appealing structural guard against warping.

Available Sizes: 8x10, 11x14,16x20, 18x24, 24x30


Size Guide

 * For custom sizes please contact me 


 Panel Type Size Price
1/8" 8x10 $750
1/8" 11x14 $1400
1/8" 16x20 $2900
1/8" 18x24 $4000
1.5" 8x10 $800
1.5" 11x14 $1500
1.5" 16x20 $3100
1.5" 18x24 $4500
1.5" 20x24 $5000
1.5" 24x30 $7700



  • Turn around time for commissions will depend on the size of panel and amount of detail requested by the client
  • Starting prices are for plain background portraits. Detailed and complex backgrounds will increase your price
  • No Revisions will be made after we agree on the final sketch
  • No Refunds on commissions
  • Only clear high quality images of subjects will be allowed (no pixelated or blurry images)
  • All prices include U.S Shipping, for international commissions shipping prices will be calculated in your final price

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