Artist statement

Jasmin Reneé sources her inspiration as an artist from personal experiences, an obsession with understanding complex human emotions and elements of nature that pervade her deep spiritual connection to the world. She finds a unique beauty in collectively having the ability to share an emotional bond with subjects who look like her while reflecting that beauty back into the eyes of those who don’t mirror her.

Her goal in painting portraits is to capture the essence of a subject using nature as a means to visually express their spirit. Nature plays a vital role in her work. It’s from nature that we receive sustenance to be able to be born, live and return back when we pass. She believes that fact in itself shows the deep connection we have to the natural world. 

Art to Jasmin is not just simply painting on a surface and calling it finished, it’s an expressional form of catharsis that allows her to communicate the connection between life and art through creative means. Art will forever be her passion and form of therapy and she feels extremely  blessed to be able to share her thoughts, ideas, and emotions with the world.