Artist Statement


My inspiration as an artist comes from personal experiences, understanding human emotions and elements of nature. I find such beauty in collectively being able to share similar emotions regardless of what you look like or where you come from. Sadness, anger, happiness, fear…all feelings that we’ve experienced at least once in our life. 

My goal in creating art is to capture this, to capture the essence of a person using nature as a means to visually express their spirit in the form of realism-based oil paintings. Nature plays a vital role in my work. It’s from nature that we receive sustenance to be able to live. I think that fact in itself shows the deep connection we have to the natural world. 

Butterflies are a common theme in many of my works. To me they’ve always represented not just a product of what beautiful things nature can produce, but they go through a life cycle called metamorphosis, which, similarly metaphorically speaking, is the same experience we as human beings go through, constantly changing forms and having experiences that permanently change us throughout our lives. 

Art to me is not just simply painting on a surface and calling it finished, it’s an expressional form of catharsis that allows me to communicate the connection between life and art through creative means.  From the very beginning of my process, I hone in to the subject I’m painting. I learn about them. I figure out what they're like. What type of music do they enjoy? What makes them…them? Information like this helps me piece together a composition of what would represent them best in the form of art. 

Art will forever be my passion and form of therapy and I feel extremely  blessed to be able to share my thoughts, ideas, and emotions with the world.