Mysterium Fascinans

Mysterium Fascinans

In life we endure so much we’re not prepared for, losing loved ones, managing through grief, struggling to cope with things we aren’t ready to talk about. Mysterium Fascinans is essentially about my struggle with this. 

The title translates to “A fascinating mystery” in latin. I took inspiration from Rudolf Otto, a German philosopher who came up with the concept of “Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans.” Essentially his belief was that spirituality is something we experience even without religion. It’s something that you’re able to experience within yourself, but have no logical explanation as to how to explain it. I related to this concept a lot, because it’s what I’ve felt throughout my journey of painting and coming to understand that art is much deeper for me than simply creating paintings. I think the best word that comes close to what I’m trying to explain is the term catharsis, the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. Painting is my catharsis, my tool to filter out what I’m feeling inside without having to explain to anyone what I’m feeling. 

I choose to paint wings, because I think it's a beautiful symbol for flight and ascending above things that have weighed heavy on me. Wings are also what comes to mind when I think of angels, spiritual beings that help guide you in a positive direction. 

My intent in creating this painting was to achieve a portrait that embodies my spiritual journey and makes you really think deeper about what you can positively transform pain into.

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