Transcendent Love

Transcendent Love

I wanted to create something that had such deep, impactful meaning, but from a outside viewer's perspective, looked "simple." Butterflies, to me, have always represented life as a whole and the changes and transitions we go through to spiritually heighten ourselves. I chose to make the butterflies shades of red, as red symbolizes love and intense passion and I decided to make the woman nude because in our purest, wholesome form before we learn or experience life, we enter this world with nothing on. The butterflies physically surround the woman's body, serving as a representation of feeling that deep love and passion for yourself, your body and your spirit always regardless of your flaws or outside negative perceptions of you.

Transcedent love is a love that extends beyond the limitations of this world. It's a feeling and emotion that knows no fear of the past, present or future. It's pure, timeless and sacred.

Never forget to love yourself, ALL of yourself.


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