Into the Abyss

An abyss is a deep place that doesn't abide by the rules of time or easy comprehension. It's unknown and scary, while at the same time exciting and pacifying. I think in everyone's life, there are moments where we desire to do something different, but struggle to complete that goal because of fear of the unknown. That's what this painting represents, half out of ourselves submerged into an unfamiliar unclear space like murky waters , while the other half is above surface, comfortably untouched. I added beautiful fuschia-purple flowers to the water to symbolize that even though stepping out of our comfort zones can be beyond frightening, there's always a possibility that what we step into can come with profound beautiful things.

I think with anything in life, if you desire something, you have to push yourself mentally and physically past that fear holding you back. Although it's scary, if you never try something, how do you know you won't succeed at it?

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